3 Advantages of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

Are you going through a child custody case? If so, there are several mistakes you can make during the case, but one of them shouldn’t be forgetting to hire a child custody lawyer.

You might be wondering what the point is of having a lawyer present during your child custody, but that’s why we’re here. Below you’ll find a guide to child custody and the advantages you stand to gain from having legal representation that specializes in family law.

1. Deep Understanding of the Law

The first advantage of hiring an attorney is they will have a deeper understanding of child custody laws, especially the ones that pertain specifically to your state. With an understanding of the law, they can sit down with you and create a detailed strategy to ensure that you not only get what you want out of the child custody proceedings but that you’re able to settle on a schedule that has the best interest of your child in mind.

Because your attorney will know the law they will know what steps to take moving forward and which laws can be used to strengthen your case.

2. Able to Give Advice

It’s one thing to undergo a divorce, but the idea of having to split the time you have with your child with your former spouse can prove to be stressful and a daunting task. Having an attorney is essential because they’ll be able to provide unbiased family law advice.

Unlike you or your former spouse, they won’t have the same emotional investment in the case and can look at things from an objective perspective. They can identify flaws in your case and help you avoid playing the blame game when it’s time for your day in court.

3. Attention to Detail 

Your attorney will have a keen eye for details that can strengthen or weaken your case. During the chaos of a child custody case, it’s easy to overlook certain details that can be used to your advantage, but this won’t happen when you hire the right attorney.

The details identified by your lawyer can help you to move forward with the proper negotiations to ensure the child custody decided upon is the right decision for everyone involved. Lawyers are helpful during the negotiation phase because there are several things to consider including:

  • Both parent’s job schedules
  • Activities for the child
  • Where the child goes to school

Again, your lawyer can look at the larger picture, including small details.

Advantages of Having a Child Custody Lawyer

The advantages of having a child custody lawyer are too numerous to list, but we’ve detailed some of the most important ones above. A few advantages include the lawyer understanding the law and being able to pay attention to details you’ve missed.

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