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Child protective services in Texas (CPS) were founded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to promote the health and safety of children. The program was designed to help families establish more positive and stable homes. 

Over the years, the initial mission of the organization has become eroded. More often than not, CPS takes children away from their parents and makes it impossible for families to reunify. 

At the Law Office of Damaris A. Chavez, we know there’s nothing more devastating or traumatic than having your child taken away from you. If you’ve already experienced this injustice or are afraid of it coming to fruition, there’s hope. Let an experienced CPS lawyer in Houston help you with your case. 

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If someone has reported you to child protective services, the agents at CPS will determine if an investigation is required. Unfortunately, those making a report to CPS don’t have to provide proof of neglect or abuse. 

If CPS decides to come out to your home to investigate, the caseworker will determine if neglect or abuse has occurred. If they decide that the report was unfounded, they’ll close the case. 

However, if they determine if there is evidence or risk of abuse, CPS could potentially remove your child from your home. Caseworkers have the power to do this without a court order. 

Whether you’re under investigation or your child has already been removed, you have the right to seek counsel. Contact us today to speak to a legal representative. 

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I never write reviews but, meeting mrs.Chavez is worth it the few minutes. !! I was able to work with her for over a year and we came out winning. With someone on your side who believes in you, great things will happen. She is very kind, firm and definitely getting “stuff done” as she Means business! ... this woman is Definitely recommend to anyone who needs someone in their corner!

Cassandra Rodriguez

I am very pleased with the Law office. The attorney and staff are very professional and kind. They respond to messages and calls very quickly. They kept me informed at all times of any updates regarding my case. I highly recommend the Law Office of Damaris A. Chavez. I want to thank her and her staff for all their help. I am for ever thankful. May God bless each one of you.

Sandra Torres

I got impressive results with attorney Damaris A. Chavez. They kept informed with all updates on my case , I want to thank her for the effort, time and concern in my case

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Highly satisfied with my experienced. Atty. Chavez was a thorough professional. Low rate $ consultation and very informative. She’s educated me on what to expect, what the likely outcome would be and achieved it. My case was about my Adjustment of status was denied (green card denied), that time we are so devastated and depressed about the decision, so that we decided to find a best lawyer and thankx God he gave us Atty. Chavez a great and caring lawyer, as soon after the consultation she instructed us what documents to prepare and she filed a CASE REOPEN right away we submitted all documents to her, so that we will not going back to zero and waste a lot more time and money.

Reiner Raphael Ebel

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Finding experienced lawyers for CPS issues can be difficult. If you’ve already had your child taken away or are at risk of it, you need a CPS attorney who’s familiar with the process. Damaris A. Chavez is committed to representing her client’s interests and rights. She offers sound legal advice while educating her clients about the relevant laws. No matter what the scenario is, she’s ready and able to fight aggressively in court on behalf of her clients.

Attorney Damaris A. Chavez has over 8 years experience managing complex CPS cases representing parents and children through the entire CPS process.

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Keep Your Children Safe with a CPS Lawyer in Houston
Child Protective Services

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If you’ve been searching for CPS lawyers near me, look no further than the Law Office of Damaris A. Chavez. We’re ready to help you and your family navigate through this incredibly difficult time with caring and compassionate legal guidance.

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You need to cooperate. If you don’t cooperate, CPS will infer that you are attempting to hide something. Try to get some information from CPS about what they wish to discuss with you. Chances are, you probably know why they want to talk to you. Call our office to discuss how we can help you navigate this issue. Attorney Chavez has been working with CPS cases for over 9 years and is highly experienced in the field.
Find out as much as you can about why the children were taken into foster care. Ask questions, but volunteer little information at this point. Be helpful. Tell the CPS worker what your children like and don’t like, and inform her/him of any medications your children might be taking or other special needs they might have. Ask for a visit with your children. Typically, you will get a one hour visit once a month but this can be negotiated depending on your children’s age. Do not threaten the CPS worker and try not to show too much anger. If the CPS worker feels threatened by you or senses that you are “unstable” it will only hurt your chances of getting your children home. Suggest relatives who would be willing to have temporary possession of your children. Try to make arrangements to get your children some of their toys, clothing, and other possessions that will make them feel more secure while in foster care.
Time is critical. You are going to have a Court hearing within 14 days of the date your children were removed from your possession. At the hearing, the Court will determine whether there is a continuing danger to your children in your home. CPS will have their investigators, witnesses, doctors and police officers ready to testify. Who will testify on your behalf? Who will present your case to the Court? Do you know how to cross-examine a witness or how to object to improper testimony? You need legal representation. If you lack time to hire an attorney, ask the Judge for an additional two weeks to hire one. If you cannot afford an attorney, the Court must appoint one for you. Your children will have to stay in foster care, but many times it is better to wait an additional two weeks and be truly prepared for court rather than rushing in unprepared. Several things can happen at the initial or “14 day hearing.” Your children can be returned to your care (this rarely happens); CPS can take steps to determine whether a relative would be able to care for the children, or your children can continue in foster care for a period of at least 60 days. A CPS case can be won or lost at this point. Without aggressive representation at the 14 day hearing, there is a very real chance that your children will spend months in foster care – – possibly without justification. Call us, we can help.
It depends. You have a year to prove yourself to CPS. You need to form a success strategy with your lawyer. This will include taking steps to improve your life and then showing CPS what you have done. You will have to persuade the children’s lawyer that the children belong with you. You have to make sure that CPS is doing what they are supposed to, but you also have to make sure you work your family plan of service. You can’t miss any visits and you have to be appropriate with your children at the visits. You have to INSPIRE CONFIDENCE in the people who are evaluating you as a parent. As a last resort, you may have to prepare for trial — this is both an expensive and uncertain endeavor.
The Service Plan consists of a list of things for you to do in order to have any hope of getting your children home. But, understand that the Service Plan is not a contract and CPS doesn’t have to return your children just because you completed your service plan. Typically, you will be asked to take a psychological evaluation, do counseling and parenting classes. You may also be asked to take random drug tests, participate in anger management, or domestic violence counseling.

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